Explore Niagara like never before, dive into rich history, culture, knowledge and adventures. 

Explore the Niagara region and build unforgettable memories! From the rich history of the freedom trail that helped thousands of enslaved people to freedom, to Indigenous connections that led to the win of 1812, to outdoor adventures and hundreds of trails, Niagara is perfect for everyone to explore.

Nation Building

Explore Niagara’s rich history of nation-building. Starting in the war of 1812, Niagara Region is home to many significant forts, monuments, and battlefields that helped lead to Canada’s formation.


Explore the land around the Niagara River, which is recognized as a spiritual place with rich ties to Indigenous history and culture for many generations.


Explore the extensive natural environment along with the Niagara Region. With botanical gardens, floral collections, natural parks and countless trails, exploring Niagara’s natural environment has something for everyone.


Explore Black History and the many impactful events that occurred along the Niagara River, including key sites during the underground railroad and the home of American abolitionist Harriet Tubman.


Niagara Region is a dream location for active living. From water sports along Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and the Niagara River to the world-class golf courses amongst the cycling-friendly trails and beaches, exploring Niagara’s active living never gets old.